Chateau de Presles

Who are we?

The Château de Presles, a stunning XIX th century mansion, is definitely one of the very remarkable monuments of our country. Its location within an admirable 200ha . secluded private park, and the care its owners, Count and Countess d’Oultremont devote to maintaining its identity, make it an example of intelligent conservation.

Since a short time, it is open for the organization of high quality private events , with its park of exceptional beauty, and its many lounge and living rooms ready to greet its new guests.

Range of possible events :
Corporate events: Seminars, Team building, Family days Private events: Birthdays parties, Special occasions in the life of a family,…. Concerts, Theather, Exhibitions.

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La Saint-Georges au Château de Presles St.George’s celebration
St.George, patron of the riders, on April 22 2019. You will be able to spend a day in Presles, admiring the carriages of the past ... [more]

Le Chateau de Presles
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