Chateau de Presles

Welcome to a day of seminar

Presles goes Corporate.
Exemple of a day of Seminar at The Château de Presles.

9H/9H.30 Welcome in Presles! We wait for you in the beautiful kitchen of the castle, with coffe, tea, fresh orange juice, warm croissants and bakeries straight from the oven.
9H30/11H. Conference in the different lounges. Plain and sparkling water provided.
11H/11H30 Coffee break. Coffee, tea, yogurt, fresh fruits and home made biscuits.
11H30/13.Conference in the different lounges. Plain and sparkling water provided.

13H/13H15 Drink. According to the requirements, a nice glass of champagne, or white or red wine, or apple juice from the property is served in the terrace, with crackers and appetizers.

13H15/14H30. Lunch. Lunch is served in the castle dining room, decorated with beautiful antiques, with large windows opening to the old mill and the pond. The catering service varies according to the requirements: it can be provided in house, for a maximum of 50 guests. Otherwise, we work with different catering services (Traîteur Loriers, Traîteur Vray).
If the weather allows it, coffee is served in the terrace.

14H30/16H30. Conference in the different lounges.

It is possible to have , during a break, a nice and healthy walk in the park whenever you consider it useful for the good mood of the party.

Please contact us for a quote. Thank you.

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